Collaboration through Technology

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The fast moving high tech world has made our lives pretty different. Whether it is home, at the workplace, hospitals, manufacturing factories or educational institutes, every single sector is dependent on technology. This is because it increases efficiency and productivity.

In education, using technical means has changed the dynamics of learning. Information is now easily accessible to people across the world. Every piece of information available in the world is in your hands. As compared to before, now learning languages, acquiring different skill sets and exploring the world through your screen has become much easier. The evolving technology has made life more convenient for the learners/students; they have become more intellectual and familiar with the current affairs, history, etc.

Technology in the hands of businessmen

Technology in the hands of businessmen


Technology and learning

The technology, which includes the internet and the computer, is the reality in today’s world. Not only has the technology improved the standard of living, but it has also enhanced the approach to learning. In the education sector, technology has been the pioneer of developing new techniques and methods of learning. For instance, self-paced learning, simulations, streaming video, instant access to illustrations have all been a breakthrough element in the education sector. All this has been made possible with the introduction of technology in the education sector.

Collaboration through technology

The major advantage of technology in education is that it brings in the element of collaboration. In the past, it was quite difficult and rather inaccessible to communicate and coordinate with different people over a similar subject. However, with the advent of technology, things have improved, today studying and communicating with others across the globe has been made possible with the use of technology. Moreover, technology provides excessive information to the students, for instance, the videos uploaded on YouTube and other websites help students learn and educate them about a specific topic. This has all been possible with the introduction of technology.

Technology and teachers

Not only have the students benefited from the concept, but the teachers have also been equally supported with the introduction of technology in education. Teachers get to learn about new teaching techniques, methods and styles over the internet which help them better prepare themselves for the class. Therefore, the use of technology in education has been a method of success where the students and teachers have equally benefitted from the concept.

Demerits of technology

With all the positives, the use of technology in education has some demerits as well. For instance, too much dependency on technology restricts the students from learning new things, and in fact they rely over the technology to help and support them. Moreover, if the internet connection is lost, the concept of virtual learning is affected, where students over the internet learn new things. Technology makes a student lazy and he tries to learn all the details over the internet, which is sometimes wrong. In fact, one has to practically experience rather than replying over the internet. Therefore, in spite of various advantages, technology does have its cons and it does hinder the individual progress of students.

Finally, it can be said that technology has been a major revolution in the education sector across the globe. Students and teachers have made it easier to coordinate and communicate with each other over the internet. Learning new things has become a lot easier and teachers find it rather convenient to interact with the students over the internet.