How to Write the SAT Essay

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The SAT essay usually makes the writers apprehensive as they are obliged to write the entire essay in just twenty five minutes and that too with a pencil. A powerful and effective SAT essay is notably conventional. Remember the graders would not spend more than a few minutes on your essay. Follow the basic canon for a SAT essay and you can certainly champion it. Whether you have never written an SAT Essay or didn”t get your desired score, the tips mentioned below will aid you.

  1. Write legibly Graders have to correct hordes of essays every day and they haven’t got much time, so if they are unable to decode your handwriting, they may get disappointed and give you lower grades. Focus on your handwriting and write neatly, tidily and legibly.
  1. Be careful about the length.SAT graders like lengthy essays or you can say the lengthier the essay, the better the grades. Remember, here quality and quantity both matter, but when the page ends, your essay should also end. You will not be given any additional sheet of paper.
  1. Use indented paragraphs.The graders idealize the basic essay format that you learnt in secondary: the intro, the body and the conclusion. In the intro, include a thesis that evidently states the fundamental argument of your essay. The body should include paragraphs that back your intro.  In the conclusion, briefly sum up the entire body. And make sure you indent all the paragraphs.
  1. Cite Examples In your body paragraphs, refer to explicit examples to collar your proposition. You can even cite your daily life examples as long as they support your thesis. Examples would add weight and value to your essay and make it sound more logical.
  1. Use Strong Vocabulary Make a good choice of heavy, substantial and apt vocabulary as that can have a strong influence on the graders, but do not use inappropriate or irrelevant words just because they look big.
  1. Beware about the language Don’t make errors in the basic mechanics of writing, especially grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.
  1. Focus on your intro and conclusion The graders have to go through a lot of essays so they are most likely to read just the first and last paragraph and assume that how well penned the rest of the essay will be. So make sure you spend enough time on writing these two edges.